Time flies with the holidays quickly approaching! Not to mention, I’m still getting the hang of this blogging stuff—I never knew it was such hard work! You missed all of October (my fault, obviously!), so I don’t want you to miss out on November. So let’s recap!

Here at Puppy Manners, we’ve been pretty busy. While we just started the second week of our newest Group Training classes, our sweet girl, “Zoom”, just started her 13th week of rehabilitation from hip surgery. Only three more weeks to go! No one would ever know that she has an artificial hip. We’ve nicknamed her “Bionic Girl” and we believe it makes her the coolest dog ever. She’s feeling so good these days, we have to be especially careful to not let her run or jump, which she is very eager to do. At the end of this month, “Zoom” will get her final X-rays and we’ll finally receive the “all clear” for her to run, jump, play, and do what she loves—zoooooooooming around!

We received a huge response from our post about “Dusty”, who is still here and making progress. Of course, it is all on her time, not ours. But we are pleased to inform you that she is warming up to all of us. When she’s with our other boarding dogs, she now approaches the fence and offers a lick. She no longer runs for the hills when we approach and our youngest employee, Jamie, took her home for the weekend, where she did very well. She needs more in-house time with people, so we plan on bringing her in the house to hang with us as well. We also received her DNA blood test results which revealed that she is 52% Doberman, 12% Malamute, and 12%… Pekenese! Yeah, that last one seems crazy, but we won’t argue with science! No wonder she’s our odd little duck!

The “Howlidays” are quickly approaching and we are busy getting ready! It’s like a bed and breakfast for dogs, as we are “a buzz” with prepping the barn for our furry guests. This is the busiest time of year for us but it’s also the most fun. We love seeing our guests running through the “Dream Field” and then coming into to warm their toes by the heaters. If we could serve them hot chocolate, we would! It really is a magical season.

We recently had a foster dog named “Dodger” come to us but he lucked out and already found a new home! He’s an older dog so we were so excited when a really nice family with five acres came along to adopt him. They have horses, cows, pigs, and a St. Bernard buddy to romp along the fields. We are always SO happy when the perfect family comes along for a sweet and well-deserved dog.

Meanwhile, we have another foster dog, “Shadow”, who is looking for a home! She is a field-bred black Labrador. She went to drug sniffing school but she dropped out. Seems that “Shadow” likes to look for things rather than sniff them out! She will make a great companion to someone active and on-the-go. She is going through rigorous puppy training here and will be a wonderful family dog, especially if that family enjoys activities like going to the park, camping, or bike rides together.

Well that’s all I have time to update you with today. I promise to do better in the coming weeks. There are some things I’ve been wanting to blog about, like Therapy Testing, some more basic obedience tips, as well as a special feature on our youngest and most animated dog, “Harry Plotter.” Stay tuned for those posts, coming up fast!

And because blog posts are always better with a photo—Here’s a great one of former foster dog “Dodger”, which was taken by our new pet photography friend, Cyndi T., who came to visit us all the way from Tennessee! And be sure to check out the blog post she wrote about our “kids”! Isn’t “Dodger” a sweetheart??


  • I’m so glad Dodger found a home so fast! I need to get one of those DNA tests done on my pups. Thanks for the updates. -c